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NFC Digital
Business Cards

For Businesses and Professionals worldwide


Discover Our Innovative NFC Product Solutions

Elevate Your Networking and Feedback with NFC Technology


NFC Business Card

Browse our curated collection of NFC cards, featuring a fusion of cutting-edge technology and stunning aesthetics.


Virtual Visiting Card

A dynamic PDF with mobile/desktop shareability, ideal for website downloads and digital networking.


NFC Google Review Card

Browse our curated collection of NFC cards, featuring a fusion of cutting-edge technology and stunning aesthetics.


Customizable Card

Download the CorelDRAW file and customize the design based on your own ideas.

NFC Customisable Cards

Explore NFC Cards and Design, Front and Back, on PVC

Google Review Customisable Cards

Explore Google Review Cards and Design, Front and Back, on PVC

Virtual Visiting Card

Explore Virtual Visiting Cards and Design,  share over Mobile / Desktop

Unleash Your Creativity,
Custom Design Your NFC Cards

Download the card and customize that on your idea

How Inaiways NFC Cards Work

Explore the seamless technology behind NFC cards in-depth.


Tap, Transmit, Connect

Gently tap NFC card, data transmits seamlessly, device connects instantly. Experience effortless interaction with just a tap, simplifying access and enhancing convenience.

Secure Data Transfer

Encrypted data transfer ensures security, safeguarding personal information. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your interactions are protected, maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

Versatile Functionality

Adaptable across devices, NFC cards offer versatile functionality. From mobile payments to smart access, explore a multitude of applications, making everyday tasks simpler and more efficient.

No Battery Required

Efficient and eco-friendly, NFC cards operate without batteries. Harnessing energy from the device, they offer sustainable functionality, minimizing environmental impact while maximizing convenience.


Unparalleled Design

Elevate your style with our innovative and stylish designs.


Customization Options

Express your uniqueness by personalizing your NFC card.


Quality and Reliability

Trust in the durability and functionality of Inaiways NFC Cards.


Save Trees with Every Tap

With Inaiways NFC Cards, you're not just staying ahead of the technological curve; you're also part of a growing community dedicated to making environmentally responsible choices.

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